Mold Damages

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Mold occurs naturally and can be found in all homes. It is only a problem to humans if the spore count exceeds a certain level within the living environment. Mold develops when high humidity, high temperature, and dust is left in a confined space for up to 3 days. If you see or smell mold, it is best to call us so we can contain the area, try to determine the cause of the moisture, and determine a plan of action to remediate the mold. If you or any of your family have respiratory problems, it is best that you try to avoid direct exposure to the area affected. A plan of action will be determined to best remove the mold from your home and this will be discussed before any work takes place. If the affected area a large area of your home, it might be best to not live in the home while the remediation is being completed. If the mold has been present for weeks or months, the spores could migrate throughout the home through the HVAC system. This system will need to be cleaned so other areas of your home do not also become affected.